Adam Goldstein

Soko: The Threshold of the invisible

July 22 - September 17, 2023

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About CSA

Casa Santa Ana is a Panama based non-profit organization that connects people through contemporary art, seeking to understand current contexts and build a stronger and more inclusive community. Founded by contemporary art collector Johnny Roux in 2015, we create exhibitions, publications, community programming and workshops, striving to make art relevant and accessible to all.

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A través de nuestro programa de residencias creamos puentes para conectar a artistas globales con la comunidad local. Invitamos a artistas internacionales a vivir en Panamá durante 6 semanas, donde tienen la oportunidad de trabajar en su práctica inmersos en un contexto distinto a su entorno habitual. A la vez, conocen nuestro país y comparten tanto con la comunidad de artistas locales como con nuestros vecinos de Santa Ana a través de conversatorios, talleres infantiles, talleres para artistas, open studios, entre otros. Al final de la residencia se comparten los resultados de esas 6 semanas de trabajo en una exposición.

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Voces en Acción

Voces en Acción is an experimental art conceptualization and production workshop led by Donna Conlon and Jonathan Harker that has been held annually since 2018. We emphasize constructive criticism, experimentation, mutual support, collaboration - and above all - the crucial value of singular and unique expression of each artist on issues of social, political, environmental and personal urgency, in combination with the essential importance in art of finding and expressing one's own and authentic voice.

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La Leonera

LA LEONERA is an information, learning and cultural center for boys and girls from the community of Santa Ana who are in a vulnerable state.  We support their literacy, their learning, their relationship with reading and writing,  and with contemporary arts, providing them with opportunities to develop their imagination and creative potential.