April 18 -  June 2, 2024

Claroscuro: Fotografía de lo íntimo e inesperado (Chiaroscuro: Photography of the Intimate and Unexpected) invites us to explore the complexities of life - with its areas of light and shadow - through the eyes of iconic photographers of the 20th century. From photos that take us into the realities of various communities, spontaneous portraits of street photography and different celebrations of love, through the macabre and introspective to images that challenge established norms, this exhibition invites us to be accomplices of intimate and unexpected moments that lead us to reflect on the nuances of the human experience. With works from The Roux Collection, the exhibition includes 32 black and white photographs from 11 artists. 

Gustavo Araujo (Panama, 1965 - 2008)
Diane Arbus (USA, 1923 - 1971)
Hans Bellmer (Poland, 1902 - 1975)
Sandra Eleta (Panama, 1942)
Ed Van der Elsken (Netherlands, 1925 - 1990)
Gerard Fieret (Netherland, 1924 - 2009)
Larry Fink (USA, 1941 - 2023)
Anders Petersen (Sweden, 1944)
Christer Strömholm (Sweden, 1918 - 2002)
Miroslav Tichý (Czech Republic , 1926 - 2011)
Francesca Woodman (USA, 1958-1981)