June 17 - July 16, 2023

Through a continuous research process that stems from his aesthetic concerns, Seleka has developed a language that stands out for its freedom, chromatic intensity and expressiveness. 

In "Bien jugao" the artist confronts the idea of ​​not considering the painting finished, of stopping before, of that vital impulse to add, and instead experiments with the optimization of the pictorial material when it comes to "squeezing" the painting. This gesture determines and serves to create mirror works where gloss and matte, waste and use go hand in hand, making use of a wild, intuitive and vitalist line, giving the surface jagged color, composing, modifying and squeezing these works that result in a world of overwhelmingly poetic impressions.

SELEKA MUÑOZ (Seville, Spain, 1982)

Seleka is an artist, cultural agitator, curator and gallerist. In 1993, at the age of 10, he began painting in the streets of Seville and is recognized as one of the pioneers of graffiti in Andalusia. He belongs to a generation of committed, active, innovative, and influential graffiti artists.

Seleka Muñoz’s work has two clearly differentiated lines. One is his studio work, where he creates contemporary abstract pieces using traditional painting techniques. The other line explores the streets in an alegal and illegal manner, detached from the establishment, positioning himself as an outsider and developing unique projects without limitations. His ephemeral paintings have been seen throughout Spain as well as in France, England, Portugal, Italy, the United States, Mexico, Morocco, among others.

He is also the co-director, alongside Laura Calvarro, of Delimbo, a gallery specializing in urban art that represents the most influential artists in the local and global urban scene.