14 May – 5 July 2015

Centro Cultural de España - Casa del Soldado

Miradas (Glances): Portraits in Contemporary Photography”, the first exhibition organized by Casa Santa Ana, explored the complex and complicit relationship between the sitter, the photographer, and the observer.

This exhibition - curated by Johann Wolfschoon - motivated viewers to ask themselves “what distinguishes a great portrait from the torrent of images that flood the cyberspace, the streets, the galleries, our cell phones, and our complicated lives”, as Adrienne Samos explains in the exhibition’s catalog.

The works included in this exhibition span over more than three decades of photography and include portraits of Rineke Dijkstra (The Netherlands, 1959), Alec Soth (United States, 1969), Diane Arbus (United States, 1923-1971), Ingar Krauss (Germany, 1967), Boris Mikhailov (Ukraine, 1938), Pieter Hugo (South Africa, 1976), Philip-Lorca diCorcia (United States, 1955), and Samuel Fosso (Cameroon, 1962).

Through their works, these paradigmatic contemporary photographers have successfully tackled an apparently insoluble phenomenon: what makes a great portrait?

Miradas a la fotografía contemporánea