John Fou (Lilas, France, 1983) is a self-taught artist who comes from the circus and dance world. In his drawings, on large sheets of paper with tirelessly repeated lines made with colored pencils, he represents complex and timeless worlds that evoke primitive myths. Alternately populated by animals and anonymous tangled bodies traversed by rays of light, John engraves minuscule details that are superimposed on his works.  

John Fou's works have been exhibited in different spaces in France such as Stems Gallery, Galerie Julien Cadet, Le Château du Marais, Théâtre de Vavnes and are part of the Hermes Foundation and Greenline Foundation collections in Paris and X Collection, Beijing, China. He has participated in residencies at Plop Residency, London, England, Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy and UMA PENHA, Lisbon, Portugal, among others.

John is represented by  Stems Gallery.