Risseth Yangüez Singh (Panama, 1991) explores memory, the body, and territory in a very personal way, seeking herself and what it means to be a black woman in these contexts. Her oeuvre draws from her emotions, intertwining historical and familial archives with elements of her identity—such as hair, always present in her work—then using different mediums—photography, video, performance, printmaking, collage, textile, among others—depending on what she wishes to explore in each piece.

During her residency at Casa Santa Ana, Risseth has been immersed in creating intimate pieces with the intention of transmuting emotions that connect with her research on alchemical processes. From the nigredo—the initial phase of putrefaction symbolized by the color black—to the rubedo—the final phase in which matter transforms, represented by the color red—the pieces composing this exhibition invite us to reflect upon others, to find ourselves through the other, and to understand the power that exists in vulnerability.