October 12, 2022 - February 12, 2023

Museo del Canal

For the first time in Latin America, Samuel Fosso: Finding the Self in Others is a journey through almost 50 years in the career of this Cameroonian-French artist who works at the intersection of photography and performance. As personal as it is universal, Fosso’s work examines African identity through its heroes and stereotypes, inviting us to reflect on our own roots and identities.

Samuel Fosso began to produce self-portraits at age 13, after a childhood surrounded by sickness, displacement and loss. His exploration process is genuine, intuitive and inexhaustible, ranging from the most intimate introspections to collective narratives. Through this search, he finds himself in the Other -in historical figures of the civil rights movement, archetypes, and real or imaginary characters - transforming his body and spirit in order to honor and question what makes us human.