July 22 - September 17, 2023

This exhibition presents sixteen canvases, painted between 2022 and 2023, in multiple formats, whose readings cover the different paths of the artist. When carefully observing the works, they have the effect of a mirror that does not reflect the physical appearance but the intimate desire for transformation, like a travel diary. Soko investigates self-referential processes from the perspective of a migrant Latina woman in a globalized world. She develops the intersection of nature and language, as two inherent forms of Eastern philosophy, delving into “hidden” places of the human mind and using her art as a living form of subjective representation of reality.*

* Extract from exhibition text by Maylin Pérez


SOKO (Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1995)

Soko is an Argentinian-born artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. She graduated from Architecture & Urbanism at the University of

Buenos Aires (UBA). The approach to her painting is self-taught, manifesting an intuitive and unconscious practice. Her attraction to different influences such as poetry, nature, rituality and symbolic language are much present in the work. She has exhibited internationally (Barcelona, Seoul, Canada, Milan, Buenos Aires, Berlin and Panama) and participated in residencies in Canada and Madrid.